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Thursday, March 12th, 2015
I returned from an awesome two weeks in the US. It was an awesome experience to be at GDC, especially on behalf of Epic Games, and see from up close how much organization, work, and passion goes into running a show that big. I've met tons of people, some of them who I had been talking to for over a decade without having ever, and it was great to finally meet everyone face to face. And also, thanks to a partnership with Tobii, I had The Solus Project in the main expo hall at GDC as well!
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Saturday, February 28th, 2015
I have been spending the week at Epic HQ, but unfortunately managed to bring winter with me from Scandinavia :) Started snowing here after I arrived here.
I will be in San Francisco for GDC 2015 all week long on behalf of Epic Games. If you are at GDC, I'd love to meet up with you during the course of the week! You can find me at or near the Unreal Engine booth most of the time, or alternatively reach out to me via email ( or Twitter. Lastly, Epic Games is throwing a party Wednesday… Read More
Sunday, January 25th, 2015
I will be in Amsterdam next week Wednesday along with Andy Hess, and we will be hosting an official Unreal Engine meetup!
      On Wednesday evening, the 4th of February, Epic Games would like to invite you to the first official Dutch Unreal Engine mixer. Unreal Engine Evangelists Andy Hess and Sjoerd De Jong will be hosting a casual get-together at Heffer in the heart of Amsterdam. While enjoying free drinks, attendees will have the chance to check out Unreal Engine 4, chat with us, and meet fellow members of the community! We will also be giving a presentation… Read More
Tuesday, January 6th, 2015
Following up on my post of yesterday, and since "if it is worth doing, it is worth overdoing", here is part 2. I went through all the levels I have ever done in the Unreal Engine, and I added up all the actor/mesh/brush/light counts. I still have about 75% of all levels I ever made, and of the remaining 25% I still have a good idea of how complex they were. So I took the accurate numbers of 75% of my levels, and then extrapolated from those to get the estimated numbers for the remaining 25% based. I then added up 30% to the total to take into account all test levels, levels that were never released,… Read More
Monday, January 5th, 2015
2014 was my 15th anniversary of what I do, and was also my most intense year of the past 15 years. When I started doing this 15 years ago I had no idea it would lead to all of this. My future back then was bleak, then Unreal and levels happened. One and half decade later this is where I am at. During 2014 I:
  • Visited 50+ game studios
  • Created 20 hours of UE4 tutorial videos
  • Contracted by 5 studios for UE development work
  • 9 UE4 presentations to a combined audience of 1100+ people
  • Set up 4 official Unreal Engine Evenings
  • Sent (not received) 8845 emails
  • Ran our 6-10 people large Solus team,… Read More
  • Monday, December 8th, 2014
    On Friday evening, the 12th of December, Epic Games, in cooperation with the IT University of Copenhagen, would like to invite you to Denmark's first Unreal Evening! Unreal Engine Evangelist Sjoerd De Jong will tell you all about Unreal Engine 4, along with a talk from ITU student Michał Królikowski about how his start with UE4 has been! Afterwards there will be free drinks, an Unreal game jam from the students of ITU, and a chance to play some of the student projects, along with plenty of time to ask questions! When: December… Read More
    Sunday, November 23rd, 2014
    Lots and lots of things happening right now, and Solus is progressing awesomely as well. I am aiming to post a full recap towards the end of the year of everything I am up to right now, but in the mean time there is this:
    During the last week of November I’ll go on a Dutch and Belgian Unreal Engine tour on behalf of Epic Games, to promote Unreal Engine 4. On Tuesday, November 25 I’ll be at the Control Conference in Utrecht, The Netherlands, to give a presentation called “The Magic of Unreal Engine 4” where I’ll put Blueprint… Read More
    Saturday, September 13th, 2014
    I am back in Sweden now and had a most awesome time in the US at Epic Games! I dare say the coolest professional week I've experienced so far in my career. It was really cool to finally meet all the people at Epic who I've worked with/talked to/was in the community with over all these years. Left with a very positive impression of the US, and that region also. Offered very nice quality of life it seemed. My talk at the Epic Twitch stream last Thursday
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