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As usual I am extremely short on time so my website updates lag behind some, but there are tons of things happening. I will post a yearly recap towards Christmas.

The Solus Project has been doing really well. Not only was the game part of the Microsoft E3 press conference and was it playable at the Xbox booth, it was also at the Xbox booth at EGX and Gamescom, and we just today announced it will be one of the first games to be part of the Xbox Preview program, as well as Steam Early around the first 2 months of 2016!

We launched our Steam and Steam Community pages too!

To celebrate all this I have produced and released 1 hour 40 min worth of additional TSP overview videos.

The Solus Project – Application of Unreal Engine 4 – Third Series Part 1

Part 1:

   C++ variables in BP
   Timers and limiting Tick
   Light ranges via BP
   Smoke monster setup
   Menu setup and options menu

The Solus Project – Application of Unreal Engine 4 – Third Series Part 2

Part 2:

   Level overview. 10 levels with 10 000 actors per level about. All hand placed
   Lava effect
   Indirect lighting on dynamic actors
   Light settings
   Translucent lighting tip
   Simple roughness trick
   Level occlusion and performance
   Prometheus style scanning drone material and effect
   Wetness effect on the camera using post processing instead of particles

As before all my TSP videos can be found on the TSP page.

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