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I offer three free textures packs: Pitores, Kraden, and the Nature pack. Most of the textures are 1024×1024, and all of them tile. The packs do not include normal and specularity maps. The textures are free for use any non commercial and commercial work provided that you credit me somewhere, along with a link to this website. You are also allowed to modify them to suit your needs, but you are not allowed to re-release them as part of a new texture or art asset package.

  • Nature – 59 tiling terrain textures such as rock and sand, and some snow.
  • Kraden – Industrial and sci fi pack with lots of yellow paint, steel, bricks, and a bit of cartoony look.
  • Pitores – More or less industrial pack with white and dark red as its prime colors. Lots of wood and brick.

  • Nature

    Nature JPG
    Nature UT


    Kraden JPG
    Kraden UT


    Pitores JPG
    Pitores UT

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