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I returned from an awesome two weeks in the US. It was an awesome experience to be at GDC, especially on behalf of Epic Games, and see from up close how much organization, work, and passion goes into running a show that big. I’ve met tons of people, some of them who I had been talking to for over a decade without having ever, and it was great to finally meet everyone face to face.

And also, thanks to a partnership with Tobii, I had The Solus Project in the main expo hall at GDC as well!

That aside, I recently wrapped up on the Futuregames UE4 projects with my students. These six projects were the outcome. This is UE4, done in just 4 weeks time, by just ~6 people a group, absolutely no programming (Blueprint only), and done by students who have only been studying since September. So in other words, this is how much you can accomplish with Unreal Engine 4 in a limited amount of time, and with little experience.

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