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Another year has passed. As always due to time pressure I am rather bad at updating my site, but here goes for a year overview.

This was my 16th year of Unreal and the games industry:

  • My year traveling for Unreal Engine
  • My year with The Solus project
  • My year at Futuregames

  • Unreal Engine Evangelism

    I traveled. A lot. Mostly in my role of Evangelist for the Unreal Engine, and a small number for my other responsibilities. I’ve met thousands of people over the past year, and it has been great seeing what everyone is working on, and what people out there are doing with UE4!

  • 27 public presentations at conferences, universities, etc.
  • ~1900 combined audience for all presentations
  • 83 game studios visited
  • 22 conferences and community meetups attended
  • 289 game studios interacted with
  • 10 Countries
  • 24 Cities

  • I will continue with my traveling schedule all the way through 2016 so if you want to meet up in your region let me know, I might be there later on this year! Likewise for anyone in Northern Europe who work for a studio, or are studying at an education. If you want to do anything with Unreal, please let me know and perhaps I can drop by!

    The Solus Project

    My UE4 game The Solus Project, in production since July 2013, has had it big kick off at E3 in June. Here are a couple of highlights:

  • Briefly shown at the Microsoft E3 press conference
  • Had two playable Xbox booths at E3
  • Was also playable at the Xbox booths of EGX, Gamescom and the Paris Games Week
  • Was playable at the Tobii booth at GDC, and the Ultra-D booth at CES

  • And last but not least the trailer we put out.

    A first release is scheduled around late January, early February.

    For The Solus Project I have been responsible, along all my other work for:

  • Almost all gameplay design, art styling, the concept, overall level design work, etc.
  • All tech art work
  • 98% of all Blueprint scripting
  • 90% of all FX
  • All UI work except for some graphics
  • Large parts of all the levels, either from scratch or heavily iterating on existing content
  • 50% of the art assets, and 100% of all the art (9347 assets) has passed my technical and style review and adjustments before it made it in
  • Almost all lighting, optimization work, etc.
  • The trailers and videos.
  • And some of the press coverage we had from major sites:

  • Gamespot
  • Develop
  • Rock Paper Shotgun
  • Polygon
  • Game Reactor
  • PCGames
  • PCGames N

  • Future Games

    I am continuing to be involved with the education Future Games in Sweden, and in my central role within the education, and with just 3 people part time, we accomplished:

  • 70% of the graduating class of 2013 working in the games industry on the day of graduation
  • Includes studios like Guerrilla Games, EA Dice, Avalanche, Starbreeze, Paradox
  • Students from the class of 2014 won the Best Game and Best Art categories in the Swedish Game Awards
  • Once again we got the brand new students to make UE4 games with just 5 days of teaching, and 10 days time, with no programmers – the results:

  • Once TSP is out and released I hope to find some time to get back to trying out and documenting various small things in UE4. Would love to return back to writing tutorials, but I can’t manage right now. I would also love to write the third edition of my book, something which I scheduled for 2017, possibly 2018.

    As usual I am extremely short on time so my website updates lag behind some, but there are tons of things happening. I will post a yearly recap towards Christmas.

    The Solus Project has been doing really well. Not only was the game part of the Microsoft E3 press conference and was it playable at the Xbox booth, it was also at the Xbox booth at EGX and Gamescom, and we just today announced it will be one of the first games to be part of the Xbox Preview program, as well as Steam Early around the first 2 months of 2016!

    We launched our Steam and Steam Community pages too!

    To celebrate all this I have produced and released 1 hour 40 min worth of additional TSP overview videos.

    The Solus Project – Application of Unreal Engine 4 – Third Series Part 1

    Part 1:

       C++ variables in BP
       Timers and limiting Tick
       Light ranges via BP
       Smoke monster setup
       Menu setup and options menu

    The Solus Project – Application of Unreal Engine 4 – Third Series Part 2

    Part 2:

       Level overview. 10 levels with 10 000 actors per level about. All hand placed
       Lava effect
       Indirect lighting on dynamic actors
       Light settings
       Translucent lighting tip
       Simple roughness trick
       Level occlusion and performance
       Prometheus style scanning drone material and effect
       Wetness effect on the camera using post processing instead of particles

    As before all my TSP videos can be found on the TSP page.

    For the next two weeks I will be streaming on a nearly daily basis. Feel free to join in and ask me any questions on how what I am doing and how I built things!

    For the time being no voice, as I don’t want to be talking for 8 hours long every day, but I monitor the chat and might pick up voice chat soon.

    I returned from an awesome two weeks in the US. It was an awesome experience to be at GDC, especially on behalf of Epic Games, and see from up close how much organization, work, and passion goes into running a show that big. I’ve met tons of people, some of them who I had been talking to for over a decade without having ever, and it was great to finally meet everyone face to face.

    And also, thanks to a partnership with Tobii, I had The Solus Project in the main expo hall at GDC as well!

    That aside, I recently wrapped up on the Futuregames UE4 projects with my students. These six projects were the outcome. This is UE4, done in just 4 weeks time, by just ~6 people a group, absolutely no programming (Blueprint only), and done by students who have only been studying since September. So in other words, this is how much you can accomplish with Unreal Engine 4 in a limited amount of time, and with little experience.

    I have been spending the week at Epic HQ, but unfortunately managed to bring winter with me from Scandinavia :) Started snowing here after I arrived here.

    I will be in San Francisco for GDC 2015 all week long on behalf of Epic Games. If you are at GDC, I’d love to meet up with you during the course of the week!

    You can find me at or near the Unreal Engine booth most of the time, or alternatively reach out to me via email ( or Twitter.

    Lastly, Epic Games is throwing a party Wednesday evening. Everyone is welcome!

    I will be in Amsterdam next week Wednesday along with Andy Hess, and we will be hosting an official Unreal Engine meetup!

        On Wednesday evening, the 4th of February, Epic Games would like to invite you to the first official Dutch Unreal Engine mixer.

        Unreal Engine Evangelists Andy Hess and Sjoerd De Jong will be hosting a casual get-together at Heffer in the heart of Amsterdam.

        While enjoying free drinks, attendees will have the chance to check out Unreal Engine 4, chat with us, and meet fellow members of the community! We will also be giving a presentation about Unreal Engine 4.

        As a special treat, Epic Games is giving everybody who attends a complimentary 1 year subscription to UE4.

        When: Wednesday February 4, 17.00 until 19.00. The presentation will take place at 18.00.
        Where: Heffer Oudebrugsteeg 7, Amsterdam
        Price: Free!

    Following up on my post of yesterday, and since “if it is worth doing, it is worth overdoing”, here is part 2.

    I went through all the levels I have ever done in the Unreal Engine, and I added up all the actor/mesh/brush/light counts. I still have about 75% of all levels I ever made, and of the remaining 25% I still have a good idea of how complex they were. So I took the accurate numbers of 75% of my levels, and then extrapolated from those to get the estimated numbers for the remaining 25% based. I then added up 30% to the total to take into account all test levels, levels that were never released, done with others, and all work involved tweaking/polishing/redoing parts of levels.

    The result is this – This is what 15 years of continuously using Unreal leads to.

    2014 was my 15th anniversary of what I do, and was also my most intense year of the past 15 years. When I started doing this 15 years ago I had no idea it would lead to all of this. My future back then was bleak, then Unreal and levels happened. One and half decade later this is where I am at.

    During 2014 I:

  • Visited 50+ game studios
  • Created 20 hours of UE4 tutorial videos
  • Contracted by 5 studios for UE development work
  • 9 UE4 presentations to a combined audience of 1100+ people
  • Set up 4 official Unreal Engine Evenings
  • Sent (not received) 8845 emails
  • Ran our 6-10 people large Solus team, and secured funding for it
  • Created thousands of assets and scripts for Solus
  • Played a major role in the development of the new UE4 Alone In The Dark game
  • Worked with Grip Games and the students at Futuregames to create an hour long DLC to Unmechanical and get the game out on next gen consoles
  • Had 146 508 visitors to along with 662 653 pageviews, and 62 714 views on Youtube
  • Worked at the education Futuregames all year long and set up cooperation with companies like Microsoft and accomplishing an 80% student-hired rate straight after the internships.
  • What follows over the next few days (this is post one) is an overview of what I’ve done this year, and what I have done in those 15 years being a game developer.

    While I have always been a very fast and dedicated worker, in particular during the last 4 years I feel I have really progressed huge steps forward in terms of time management and organization, and the ability to multi task and very rapidly switch back and forth between a wide range of completely different things. And all of the things I learned in the past couple of years have culminated in 2014.
    I feel I have also fully mastered the art of focus. I worked non-stop 24/7 without having felt the feeling that I lost focus even once, or that it became too much and unpleasant to work. I took almost not a single break in the past 365 days (about 12 days all in all, weekends and things like Christmas included), nor did I feel I needed one. I love what I do.

    This is me moving forward at full speed. One year worth of work:


    I still work for the education Futuregames in Stockholm. I am responsible for the game design students and large parts of the education as a whole, as well as the internship process.

  • Taught the game design classes all year long.
  • Responsible for 80 students in one way or another.
  • Responsible for the internship process. Upon finishing their internships 80% of the students had secured a contract from their internship studio. 80% in general has a job within the industry upon completion of the education, which is also one of the highest success numbers in any field and any education in the whole of Sweden.
  • Set up 30′ish game studios visiting the school and presenting themselves, and set up a game project with Microsoft.
  • Taught the brand new students UE4 in just 5 days time, then had them create UE4 games in just 10 days time. This was the result:

  • Company Visits

    I visited over 50 game studios during the course of this year for one reason or another. From small indie outfits to some of the world’s largest and most well known studios.

    By far my coolest visit was the week I spent in the US at Epic Games HQ. It was an awesome experience to finally meet all those people I had known for years! Thanks again Epic!

    Client Work

    I have worked for a number of game studios during the course of the year. Some small contracts, some big.

  • SpeedTree - Demo scene and helping to prepare for the public Unreal Engine 4 Speedtree launch.
  • Vivid Games – Short contract for visual touch up of Unreal Engine 3 title Real Boxing.
  • Tequila Works – Short contract providing some Unreal Engine 4 tech advice for the production of Rime.
  • Bitfry - Visual touch up work on an unannounced Unreal Engine 4 game.
  • Pure FPS – Worked on the new Unreal Engine 4 powered Alone In The Dark game, by Atari, for the majority of the year. Designed most of the initial level designs we started out from, set up large parts of the environment art style, the workflow and pipeline, and organized production on the level side.
  • The above is a section I was largely responsible for. Can’t show more/other screens right now.

    The Solus Project – Tutorials

    During the course of 2014 I produced 3 large commercial videos based on The Solus Project, along with hours worth of free content. I produced 20+ hours worth of UE4 tutorial content. The videos have done awesome, and definitely made it worth my time! Thanks everyone!

    And to answer a question many may have: Will there be more videos? There will be a few free ones for sure during the course of 2015. As for commercial ones I am not sure yet. I would absolutely love to but as you can imagine my schedule is extreme. No promises at the moment.

    Presentations and Speeches

    I’ve visited a number of countries, conferences, and educations over the course of 2014 to present Unreal Engine 4.

    First one was at The Swedish Game Awards in March, where I showed UE4 live on stage ahead of the GDC public release.

    Following that I was at:

  • May – Nordic Games – Malmo Sweden
  • August – Swedish Unreal Evening – Stockholm Sweden
  • September – Dreamhack Hackathon – Stockholm Sweden
  • October – Intel Buzz Workshop – Stockholm Sweden
  • November – NHTV – Breda Holland
  • November – Control Conference – Utrecht Holland
  • November – Belgian Unreal Evening – Antwerp Belgium
  • December – The Game Assembly – Malmo Sweden
  • December – Danish Unreal Evening – Copenhagen Denmark

  • The Solus Project – the game

    And then there is the game itself. Entirely my own game and vision, the spiritual successor to my 2010 Unreal Engine 3 game The Ball, The Solus Project is moving forward at a great pace lately. We now have about 4 hours worth of content pretty far along, and we got menus and all kinds of other overhead work in place as well. Six hours worth of game is our end target, in line with The Ball.

    During 2014 I did following:

  • Lead our 6 to 10 people large team, being the producer/director of the project and ensuring everyone has stuff to do and everything moves forward.
  • I secured a 50 000 USD grant to develop the game from the Nordic Game program. Second time I applied for this, and second time it was granted. Out of 100+ other entries.
  • I am the sole FX artist on the project.
  • Did ~50% of the art, and 100% of the look and feel in the game.
  • Had a hand in all of the levels being made and environments being designed.
  • Did all sound work thus far (we just brought in someone for that now to relief me).
  • Did all of the menus, together with C++ support from Rama.
  • Did 99% of all Blueprint scripting and very large parts of the functionality of the game.
  • Did 100% of all the tech art, complex art assets, workflow things, asset pipeline and organization, etc.
  • I know it has been a long time since I have shown new Solus work, but I want to be sure that when I begin showing the game, it is ready. We are moving forward aiming for a summer 2015 release.

    Here is a new screenshots however, while you await more new stuff!:


    I had some of the students at Futuregames produced an hour long expansion to our Unreal Engine 3 game, and we are working together with Grip Games to get the game out on PS3, PS4, Xbox One. Release is set for Q1 2015. Around summer the free expansion level will also be released for PC.


    These take quite a bit of time as we all know, so I am including this one in my year. I sent 8 845 emails during 2014. On top of all of the other work I have done this year. This amounts to 24 mails per day on average.


    And then there is the exposure of this all.

  • 1100+ people saw me live doing one of my UE4 presentations.
  • had 146 508 visitors during 2014
  • And 662 653 pageviews
  • 62 714 views on Youtube.

  • And last but not least…

    And in the midst of all of this my wife and I were blessed with the birth of Izabella De Jong, born October 17.

    And that was my year. Each of the things above I accomplished working with that particular job/subject on a part time basis only.

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