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Log In | Cart have done an extensive and in-depth interview with me about Solus. Revealing lots of new details about how the game works and what I am trying to accomplish with the game.

    “Scavenging will be a double-edged sword. While you must find things to survive, Solus is not content to let you sit pretty in one spot. Instead, the need to scavenge will drive the need for exploration – and the need to move on. “You will need to keep moving and work for your survival if you want to make it through.” This means going from the surface to below ground to find the mixture of survival gear that you will be needing.”

Check out the entire interview here.

Also beyond that, we are moving forward steadily gameplay wise. Things shape up well, but it is still very much so work in progress. When the time is right I will release a new video of the game in action, but for the time being here is a first gameplay screenshot. Showing the PDA pocket computer that acts as our HUD and shows all vital stats. Note the crosshair is too large due a little scaling bug.

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