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Over the past few months I have been teaching at Future Games in central Stockholm, and after a three months of introductory classes the students got to make their first game, using the UDK.

The students had some serious limitations imposed on them:

  • Five students a team. 3 Artists. 2 Designers. No programmers!These games were done with no or very little UnrealScript and it shows how powerful and artist-friendly the Unreal Engine is!
  • For many this was the very first game they made. Most of them had no or very little prior experience with game development.
  • They had only 4 weeks to make these games.
  • It had to be a vehicle based game.
  • They were only allowed to use 5 MB worth of 3D data, 10 MB worth of 2D data, and 50 000 triangles per level.
  • I am really happy with the results. The students did an awesome job and the quality they accomplished surpassed my expectations!

    Unmechanical – Winner according to our jury
    By André Axrud, Marko Permanto, Markus Andersson, Sandra Scholz, Sofia Jakobsson

    Captured by a creature unknown, you must now find your way through the weird and horrid underground to find your way back home to your family.
    Solve mindbending puzzles using very easy controls to navigate your little character.
    Use your environment to your advantage by manipulating objects with your powerful tractor beam.

  • Easy controls that anyone can use
  • Brainteasing puzzels to solve
  • A uniqe visual style
  • Gamepad compatible, but menu still require mouse.
  • Downloads:

    Furious Trucker
    By Emil Wikström, Jesper Engström, Jakob Pålinger, Peter Wilhelmsson, Sofie Sundqvist

    The truck full of fury is now in your possession! Deliver the cargo through forests, fires and steep cliffs, while you run over hoards of debris scattered around in all chaos.

  • Destruction
  • Speed
  • Stunts
  • Rage
  • Downloads:

    Red Edge
    By Joachim Holmér, Tomas Holm, Björn Eriksson, Jenny Nordenborg, Jesper Janson, Patrik Robertsson

    On a distant planet in a far off galaxy, a crashed spaceship is slowly sinking into a poisonous swamp… Fifteen years after the forced landing, a small maintenance drone has finally generated enough energy to boot up… The human crew is suspended in cryo stasis and the only one who can save them is YOU…

  • Intense action…
  • Clever puzzles…
  • Captivating narrative…
  • Downloads:

    The Fly-Guy
    By Erik Wonnevi, Fredrik Albrektson, Jessica Wiklund, Jonas Gustafsson, José González

    You are Mr González, an intruder in the human world who seeks to rescue his trapped son.
    As humans are not particularly fond of flies, stay out of their way while indirectly making them open the doors for you.
    Move from room to room in the large human household and interact with the environment to finally save your son.

  • From the perspective of Mr González, explore the human world in incredible scale and detail.
  • Experiment with objects and characters to find and solve a multitude of cause and effect puzzles.
  • Get to know the vivid home and lives of a quirky family in a relaxed and humorous atmosphere.
  • Annoy, surpise and terrify the humans as you’re rewarded for your mischievousness.
  • Downloads:

    Lanternus – Luminent Descent
    By Giuseppe Lacapra, Klara Nordin, Carlos Lundhall, Max Elmberg Sjöholm, Omar Chaouch

    In the depths of the ocean lies an acient alien structure, with mysterious powers it has corrupted the surrounding environment.
    Take control of a submarine and dive in to the abyss, on a exploration mission! Navigate your submarine through unknow waters equipped with a lantern and a sonar system to detect the lurking dangers of the abyss!


    The Not So Flying Carpet
    By Bojan Piperac, Fredrik Henriksson, Leo Ringborg, Oskar Thuresson, Rasmus Bremholm

    The not so flying carpet is a reaction based racing/platform-jumping game set in a dark, murky forest with an arcade style fast paced gameplay. The wooden ledges are your friends and the swampy ground beneath is your enemy. Navigate the troll through the forest and try to get him to fly for real. Since he cant rely on his carpet (that barely flies) its up to you to keep him safe.


    By Andreas Häll-Penninger, Ivan Boström, Gustav Holmström, Jennie Persson, Malin Lindgren

    Mailman is an adventure game about a man who’s on a quest to deliver a very important package. Something goes wrong and he crash lands with his airplane on a world of islands, and now he has to retrieve his lost package and get back home. To get his package he has to travel through the forsaken temple of this world, and by building a jet pack from his wreckage he now has the ability to navigate through the obstacles in the world.


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