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I returned home last Friday night from a crazy week in the south of Sweden. Here is what happened:

Solus Receives Funding

Solus received 55 000 USD in funding from the Nordic Game Program. This was the second time I applied for Nordic Game Program funding, and the second time it was awarded to us. We previously received 45 000 USD for the development of The Ball in 2010.

The Nordic Game Program is funded by the governments of Scandinavia to further the growth of the entertainment games industry in the nordic region. Since 2006 1277 applications for funding have been filed, of which just 107 have been granted. This year 185 applications for funding were submitted, and just 9 were approved. So I am most grateful to the Nordic Game Program for their continued belief and support in what we do.

Here is my and Wiktor Öhman, artist on Solus, receiving the award on stage.

The funding will allow us to get the game to a point in which the first couple of hours are properly playable. Release is still way off. We are looking at some time 2015.

Nordic Game Unreal Engine 4 talk

I did a re-run of my Swedish Game Awards talk at Nordic Games, where I presented Solus and UE4 again on behalf of Epic.

Unreal Developer Meeting

I worked with Epic to set up this event over the past couple of weeks. We rented out a bar near the Nordic Game conference venue, and the whole thing worked out great. We had a great turn out and awesome weather (almost too warm even).

Here are some pictures of the evening.

I had a great time meeting up with Epic these last couple of days. And finally had the chance to meet up with Alan Willard, who was one of the level designers on the original Unreal, and has been at Epic ever since.

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