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I am almost there! I made a big push over the weekend, and I have now fixed up all tutorials but the three material tutorials!


  • Rewrote it entirely.
  • All new screenshots.
  • Lightmapping

  • Extended it with a whole section.
  • Rewrote parts of it.
  • And I fixed up the layout of all other tutorials. If only I could force myself to wrestle through the material tutorials now :)

    Teaching means lots of vacation. Three weeks of nothing coming up, which I plan to spend on making the start on my new book, and reading through some game design books I borrowed from school. Also came across this blog today Making Big AAA Games: Not The Dream Job (Anymore), which pretty much sums up my feelings as well.

    And I saw this Photoshop plugin float by today as well. vTools, with a bunch of useful scripts, whatever use you may find for it. People interested in Photoshop scripts should also check out my ex-colleague Teddy’s script nDO by the way, if you haven’t already. It is neat!

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