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Q: What format are the videos in?
A: MP4 files – Audio: 128 Kbps, 44,100 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo, AAC – Video: 1280×720 Progressive, YUV, 2.6 Mbps

Q: What kind of devices will the videos play on?
A: The videos can be played on any Windows PC, Mac, and iOS device without having to install additional software or codecs. Linux and Android devices were not tested, but given the standard nature of the codec should have no problems playing the videos either.

Q: Is it one large video or several smaller ones?
A: The videos are split up in separate video files, each of varying length (dependent on chapter). Each individual video represents a chapter.

Q: What files are included with the video(s)?
A: Each video is delivered as a standard zip file. The content that comes with the video varies from video to video but obviously contains the videos themselves, along with the required Unreal files required to follow the video with, and those same Unreal files but in a finished stage. Some videos may also contain source assets.

Q: Is it allowed to use the video(s) in a company/education?
A: I have an Educational License available that once purchased, will allow you to freely duplicate and distribute my videos within (!) your organization. Given video files are easy to

Unreal Engine 4 videos

Q: What version of Unreal Engine 4 can I open the example files with?
A: At the top of each video page it notes which version of Unreal Engine 4 the files were made with. I intend to keep the files are flexible as possible, and openable by as many version as possible, but as time will pass and more and more updates to UE4 will be released I cannot guarantee the example files will forever be compatible across all versions.

Q: Do I require Visual Studio to recompile example content?
A: All example files are Blueprint only, to work around the issue of having to recompile code. So no compiling is required.

Q: What am I allowed to do with the Solus example content included?
A: Each video has a readme file included with precise info, but in short the art content is for learning purposes only and cannot be reused for anything but portfolio/learning. Anything engine related can however be reused as you see fit. That includes material setups, particles, Blueprint scripts, and so on.

Unreal Engine 3/UDK videos

Q: So what is the assignment?
A: Each UDK video comes with a second set of assets/level, assets/a level not used in the video itself, but intended to be set up by you the viewer, as additional practice. Upon completing this assignment (details are found in the included PDF), the assignment can be send back to me and I will verify that what you did is technically correct. If it is, I will issue a Certificate of Completion.

Q: Cerficate of Completion?
A: The Certificate of Completion, of which you can find a sample on the product page as well as included with the video, is a high res (so you can print it if you wish) PDF file that has your name written in it, and is signed by me. The certificate is proof that you’ve gone through my class and that you’ve understood all of its topics. You can then use that certificate within your portfolio or such.

Q: How to submit my assignment?
A: Upload the Unreal files (and only those) to an online file service (Dropbox for example), and then email the link to those files to Use the email address used to purchase the video as verification. Please do not attach any files to the mail. Tripple check your assignment before submitting it. There is a checklist in the PDF that comes with the video. All requirements must be fullfilled or I will bounce it back to you.

Q: How long for me to get a reply?
A: It depends on my schedule. I promise to get back to you within 30 days. Please get in touch with me if it has been several weeks and you’ve not yet heard of me.

Q: The video(s) was bought by someone else/education/other department, how do I submit my assignment?
A: Only one assignment can be submitted per purchased video, and as means of security, it can only be submitted by the one who purchased the video(s). Please get in touch with the person/teacher who purchased the video and check with him/her if someone has submitted an assignment already and if not, ask him/her to submit it for you.

Q: We are an group/company/education, and would like to submit multiple assignments/receive multiple certificates. How to?
A: You are to buy the Additional Certificate of Completion product, to cover for the additional time that it will take me to go through the additional assignments/certificates.

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