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Q: How is the content delivered?
A: All videos, games, and e-books are delivered in digital form only. Upon payment a download link is send to you via email. This download link can be used twice only. There is no time limit to download the content.

Q: Something went wrong or I lost the files, what to do?
A: Please allow for up to 15 minutes for the email with the download link to arrive, and check your spam folder. If the email never arrives or if my site does not allow you to download the content (again), please get in touch with me using the email address used to place the order, and by including the original purchase email.

Q: We are a company/education and would like to order without VAT. What to do?
A: Please contact me to request an invoice. Be sure to mention the name of the legal entity, address, contact person/mail, EU VAT number, which products, and how many.

Q: We’d like to place a bulk order. Are there any discounts?
A: I have discount codes available for orders over a certain amount.
    “100sek” to receive 100 SEK discount on an order between 500 and 999 SEK
    “200sek” to receive a 200 SEK discount on an order between 1000 and 1999 SEK
    “300sek” to receive a 300 SEK discount on an order above 1999 SEK

Q: I can’t open the files?
A: Due to the often very large files and the use of download managers/unstable connection, files may not download correctly. Try to download it again, without use of a download manager, and/or download on another connection.

Q: The download is really slow.
A: The files are hosted on Amazon servers and are on a high speed connection. The content is hosted in Ireland, which should give great speeds to Europe. Decent speeds to the East coast of the US, and somewhat slower speeds for the rest of the world. I am still working on a mirroring system to mirror content to servers around the world, but if you experience particular slow speeds please contact me and I can see if I can move your content to a server near your location.

Q: Privacy Policy?
A: My site does not access nor store any payment information. For the sake of managing orders, my site requests and stores your name, email address, phone number, and address. No personal information will ever be deliberately shared to anyone or be made accessible to anyone outside my team. The website tracks visitors through non personally identifiable information. The site stores standard and innocent WordPress cookies, required for the operation of the website.


Q: How do I pay?
A: My site routes payments through Paypal, allowing you to pay using your Paypal account, or through a credit card. Payments are routed entirely through Paypal, and no credit card details or other confidential information is stored or accessed by my server. If you are in the EU, you can also opt to pay through a regular European bank transfer.

Q: How soon after payment do I receive my order?
A: Credit card and Paypal payments process immediately, and a mail with a download link will be dispatched within 15 minutes of purchase. If the purchase was done through an EU bank transaction or a Paypal e-check, it will take up to five business days before your product will be dispatched. Any purchases done through a regular bank transfer are handled manually by me and may thus take a bit of time to get processed.

Q: Return and Refund policy?
A: Given the content sold is digital, I must be strict when it comes to refunds. All sales are final and non-refundable nor returnable. Orders can only be cancelled when the products have not yet been downloaded.

Other questions or problems? Email me at

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