The Expert Classes: UDK Lighting


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Author: Sjoerd “Hourences” De Jong
Platform: UDK, PC
Required: UDK October 2012 or newer
Delivery: Youtube
Length: 4h 13m
Difficulty: Intermediate

The Expert Classes: UDK Lighting is a complete and highly detailed training video, that aims to make you production ready in UDK/Unreal Engine 3 lighting. After working in-depth with Unreal lighting for over 14 years, of which six years in Unreal Engine 3, this video contains all I’ve learned about working with Lighting in Unreal. While the video does not touch on aesthetics topics, it goes into great depths regarding all the different features and properties, and the optimal workflow and organization.

The video starts off with introducing all the various lighting systems and solutions found in UE3/UDK. What are the differences and limitations between the various systems? How does a Light Environment work and what alternatives are there? How to correctly set up Dynamic Lighting and minimize its performance impact? Followed by a practical application of that wisdom by lighting out the example level, covering for one my workflow and approach.

Furthermore unique to this video is that I do not just explain how to set up Lighting in Unreal, I also use some of the games I’ve worked on recently as practical examples of how what I explain has been applied to entire games. The video features example from the games The Ball, Unmechanical, and Rekoil. Three different games, three different styles.

The video comes with two levels. The tutorial level, and the assignment level. The tutorial level is used in the video to explain all the different properties and techniques, where as the Assignment level allows you to repeat the lessons learned in an all new environment.

Content – 4h 13m

1. Intro – 5.21m
2 .Basic Lighting – 14.41m
    Directional Lights

    Environment Lights

3. Lighting Rendering – 14.13m
      How it works
      Pros and cons
    Vertex Light
      How it works
      Pros and cons
    Dynamic Light
      How it works
      Pros and cons

4. Lightmass Explored – 34.11m
    Lightmass Importance Volume
    Light actor Lightmass Settings
    Emissive Materials
    Basic Rebuild Settings
    A quick look at Advanced Rebuild Settings
    Improving Rebuild Times and keeping the overview

5. Lighting Channels – 10.29m
    How they work

6. Dynamic Lighting – 42.08m
    Setting Up Basic Dynamic Lighting
    Dynamic Shadows
    Dominant Light Actors and Distant Field Shadows
    Regular Light Actors
    Optimizing and Performance
    Lighting Complexity View
    Dynamic Object Lighting within Static Environments
    Understanding DLE on Dynamic Objects
    Dynamic Object Lighting without Light Environments
    Baking Lighting on Dynamic Objects

7. Applied – Basic Setup – 6.41m
    Atmospherical and Sun Lighting
    Dynamic Object Lighting

8. Lightshafts and Lensflares – 12.30m
    Setting up Lightshafts
    Quick Lensflare and sun creation walkthrough

9. Light Functions – 18.08m
    Changing color and brightness via a Function
    Broken Lamp Example
    Water Caustics Example

10. Animating Lighting Values – 16.25m
    Quick Matinee introduction
    Matinee Animation of color, brightness, radius

11. Various Settings – 6.53m

12. Workflow – 33.52m
    Order of things and Basic Structure I always stick to
    Texturing Foundation
    Lighting Out The Level Entirely and My Approach
    Light Organization
    Tagging and by-property Selection Workflow
      Archetype Based Lighting Workflow
      Streamed Level Workflow

13. Real Life Examples – 38.21m
    A look at Unmechanical Lighting
    A look at Rekoil Lighting
    A look at The Ball Lighting
    Impact of Post Processing
    A look at the assignment


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