The Expert Classes: UDK Asset Development – Part 1


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Author: Sjoerd “Hourences” De Jong
Platform: UDK, PC
Required: UDK October 2012 or newer, 3D Modeling program, Photoshop
Delivery: Youtube
Length: 4h 32m
Difficulty: Beginner

The Expert Classes: UDK Asset Development – Part 1 is the first out of a series of two videos, that focuses on texturing and modeling in Unreal Engine 3/UDK. This first video is an introduction into correctly importing textures, making game ready models, and getting into the material editor.

While some parts of the video stick to a basic level, some other parts go into great detail on topics not usually covered. Setting up lightmaps the technically sound way for example, understanding rendering and the way the engine displays your work, the five different ways of handling collision, modular meshes, use of custom vertex normals, and things like altering the color of foliage based on the position in the world or vertex painting meshes.

In other words, it aims to give you a very thorough and detailed introduction into asset development in Unreal Engine 3/UDK.

This video class is aimed at beginners and those on their way to an intermediate level. The video comes with a couple of models and textures, but expects you to do some modeling and texturing on your own as well. The modeling and texturing was intentionally kept to a basic and minimalistic level (low poly), to allow even those with limited experience in a 3D package to follow.

The video uses 3DSMax, but as the video focuses on how to prepare and set models up for Unreal rather than how to use 3DSMax, the concepts and techniques covered in this video is also directly applicable to Maya, Blender, or Modo.

Content – 4h 32m

1. Intro – 7.36m
2. Basic Modeling (3DSMax) – 23.27m
    Modular Modeling

3. Collision – 40.56m
    Five types of Collision
      Unreal generated collision
      Per poly collision
      Invisible mesh collision
      3D package collision
      Brush collision
    When to use which type

4. Lightmapping – 33.11m
    Basic setup
    Lightmap Grid Snapping
    UV Inversion
    UV Generation

5. Vertex Normals – 19.52m
    Real life Application: Road modeling
    Real life Application: Foliage

6. Mesh Lods – 6.47m
    Basics and Lightmaps
    Screendoor Fade

7. Vertex Counts – 5.47m
    Basics and Impact on Memory

8. Workflow and Technical Understanding – 36.47m
    Understanding Rendering
    Unreal’s way of rendering scenes
    Polycount and drawcalls
    3D package – Editor back and forth workflow
    Package Organization

9. Material Editor Introduction – 7.16m
    Importing Textures
    Basic Diffuse/Specular/Normal Map Material

10. Material Editor First Application – 29.12m
    Basic Color Modifications
    Basic Panning/Rotating/Scaling
    Setting Up The Scene Materials
      The Road
      The Landscape
      The Rock

11. Material Editor Advanced Use – 61.47m
    Detail Normal Mapping
    World Position Offset
    World Position Texturing
    Breaking Up Texture Tiling/Pixel Depth
    Vertex Colors – Texture Blending


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