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If you are looking for help on a certain problem related to Unreal Technology, or you simply want to have a chat with fellow minded people, feel free to join one of the Unreal Engine IRC channels. The Quakenet one is the most active channel these days. The channels have been around for about 10 years now.

  • #unrealed on Quakenet (
  • #unrealed on EnterTheGame (
  • You can join these channels by making use of an IRC client, mIRC is the commonly used client. A basic beginners tutorial is available here. There is also webchat available for Quakenet. Simply enter “unrealed” as the channel, and click connect.

    General Game Development and Mod Communities

    mod DB: Large mod database and community for a wide range of games
    GarageGames: Large community dedicated to the Torque engines General game development site Forums dedicated to independent game development
    Game Artist: Game art community
    The Chaos Engine: Forum for industry professionals
    Mapcore: Level Design and Environment Art community
    Polycount: Game art community
    Game Artisans: Game art community

    Engine Specific Communities

    Beyondunreal Development Forums: All Unreal Engines
    UDK Forums: The official Unreal Development Kit Forums
    3Dbuzz forums: Unreal Engine 2 and 3, Source Engine, Far cry, etc.
    Unity Forums: Unity Community
    Snarkpit: Source Engine
    Verc Collective: Source Engine
    Unrealplayground: Unreal community

    Unreal Engine 3 Tutorials

    Unreal Developer Network: Official Unreal Engine support website.
    UT3Modding: General UT3 modding site, offering tutorials and all kinds of downloads.
    ArcadiaVincennes: Extensive Unreal Engine 3 Kismet tutorials
    The RoboBlitz wiki: The wiki of the Unreal Engine 3 game RoboBlitz. All kinds of information and tutorials regarding UE3
    IceCreamYou UT3 Mapping Guide: All kinds of editor info and links.
    Eat3D: Professional training videos Introductory tutorials including beginner’s tutorials for UnrealScript.
    Allar’s UDK Tutorials: Getting started with UnrealScript as well as getting started making Scaleform UI with UDK.
    Trendy Entertainment’s YouTube UDK Video Tutorials Channel: Trendy Entertainment Tutorials.
    UT40K_Mod UDK Video tutorials: Importing a custom NPC into the UDK.
    Isometric Camera Tutorial: Tutorial on creating an isometric camera including path finding from the ground up.
    Basic Custom NPC Tutorial: Importing a custom NPC into the UDK.
    HUD creation tutorial: Guide to creating a Heads Up Display using UnrealScript.
    Learning the UE3 Editor: This guide is intended to teach you the basics of the UE3 editor. 3D art and UDK tutorials. UDK lighting and material tutorials. UDK lighting,effects, and materials tutorials. From textures to materials in UE3. UDK content tutorials.

    Unreal Engine 1 and 2 Tutorials

    Unreal Developer Network: Official Unreal Engine support website.
    The Unreal Wiki: Extensive Unreal Engine database. All engines.
    Wolf: Unreal, Deus Ex, UT and similar UED tutorials
    McClane and Strogg’s Brush Caves: Simple yet very effective technique to make caves and canyons in UT UT2004 Tutorials
    Hazel’s site : Random tutorials for UT2004 plus skyboxes

    Gameplay/Art Articles

    Gamasutra: A lot of articles on a lot of subjects including gameplay
    Tynan Sylvester: Level and gameplay rants

    Job Sites Large job site – mainly European
    Gamasutra: Large job site – mainly large and American studios
    Gamedevmap: Lists all studios on the world – job openings on studio websites Mainly American – occasional European jobs
    Polycount: Forum – Mixed
    Mapcore: Forum – Mixed
    Game-Bundesverband: German jobs
    Usf3: German jobs
    Emploi: French jobs
    Control Magazine: Dutch jobs

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