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Unreal Engine 4

  • Unreal Engine 4 tips: A couple of random all purpose UE4 tips. Performance tips most notably.
  • The Solus Project: Several videos and presentations on the making of the UE4 title Solus, along with the free Solus example files.


Unreal Engine 3 (UT3/UDK/Other)

Note these tutorials have been written with various versions of the engine. Some things may look different in your version.


Design/Art Tutorials – Universal/Any Game


Technical/Misc. Tutorials – Unreal Engine 1 and 2/Other

  • Vertex colors Texture Blending: 3DSMax and Unreal Engine 2 tutorial on blending textures on a static mesh using vertex colors.
  • Vertex Lighting basics: The workings of vertex lighting in games like UT2004.
  • Mesh rendering: How many game engines draw and calculate meshes in an environment plus the importance of materials.
  • Occluders and Zoning: Correct use of occluders and the principle of zoning. Unreal Engine 1 and 2.
  • Semi Solid brushes: The way Semi Solid brushes work in the Unreal Engine. Aimed at Unreal Engine 1 and 2, slightly useful for 3.
  • BSP Errors: BSP problems and errors. Their causes and their fixes. Mainly aimed at Unreal Engine 1 and 2, but also useful for 3.
  • The Making of Horean: A picture gallery of the progress of the level Horean, an Unreal Tournament level that uses nothing but BSP.

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